An Epos







τὰ ψυχρὰ θέρεται, θερμὸν ψύχεται,

ὑγρὸν αὐαίνεται, καρφαλέον νοτίζεται.

Cold things warm, warmth turns cold,

the wet dries, the parched gets wet.

(Heraclitus, fr. 126)




πάντα οὕτω γίγνεται, ἐξ ἐναντίων τὰ ἐναντία πράγματα

All arises in this way, opposites from their opposites.

(Plato Phaedo 71a)




BOOK ONE : Order In Chaos

BOOK TWO : Future in the Past

BOOK THREE : God Incarnate

BOOK FOUR : Woe is Man

BOOK FIVE : Natural Artifacts

BOOK SIX : Rose in Flames

BOOK SEVEN : Middle Edges

BOOK EIGHT : Renaissance

BOOK NINE : East in West

BOOK TEN : Past in the Future

BOOK ELEVEN : Noble Savage

BOOK TWELVE : Savage Nobles

BOOK THIRTEEN : Rose from Flames

BOOK FOURTEEN : Focus on Margins




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