Perseus Digital Classics Library

Perseus under Philologic (UChicago)

The Chicago Homer

Internet Classics Archive at MIT

Textkit (Greek and Latin learning tools)

TOCS-IN (Classical Periodicals Database)

Corax (classics links)

Famae Volent (classics job blog, tedious sniping…)

Titus Texts (Indo-European textual database)

Scriptorum Graecorum et Latinorum Catalogus Online

Diotima (Women & Gender in the Ancient World)

The Archimedes Palimpsest

The Stoa Consortium (Classics blog, portal for many online projects)

The Center for Hellenic Studies (online books and other resources)

METIS (Quicktime 360 images of Greek archaeological sites)

The Milman Parry collection of oral literature

Interactive Ancient Mediterranean

Greek Language and Linguistics

Bearers of Meaning (Greek/Roman coins at Lawrence University)

Sanskrit Documents (Indic stuff galore)

Chinese Text Initiative (at Univ. of Virginia)

Chinese Text Project

Zhongwen (Chinese Character Dictionary)

Internet Sacred Text Archive (stuff you can’t find anywhere else)


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