So now this bailout bill has gone through the legislative sausage-grinder and has come out looking like–surprise surprise–the typical 11th-hour omnibus spending bill loaded with all sorts of goodies, concessions, and hidden interests.

The question regarding McCain becomes, will he now oppose this bill and be consistent with his own statements that any bailout should not include “any earmarks,” which he has said numerous times now, including during the debate. But what else is all this deal-greasing pork but the same kind of thing labeled as earmarks?

We’ll see what he does. Given his disconnect from the reality of even his own statements minute to minute over the last week or so, I suspect he’ll continue to stay onboard with it. Unless someone reminds him that it’s inconsistent, and that there may be some political advantage to be gained by opposing this new, “improved” bill too. (Or did he support the last one? I can’t quite tell anymore….)

(Update: Here’s the bill draft. It’s a doozy.)